This website was archived in 2016, when the Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance formally ended. It is no longer being updated.

South Atlantic Wetlands Award

The states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida have been awarded funding to streamline coastal wetlands monitoring, build awareness of best management practices for water quality, and enhance the use of living shorelines in the South Atlantic region.   These initiatives are supported by an Environmental Protection Agency Region IV Wetland Program Development Grant to the Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance, with contributions from the Southeast Regional Partnership for Planning and Sustainability, The Nature Conservancy, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Projects funded through this grant will provide regional-scale data, analysis, and information that meet the common needs of the states in pursuing their priorities for wetlands protection, restoration, and management.  Numerous partners in the South Atlantic will be working over the next two years to implement the projects, with the ultimate goals of improving water quality and coastal resilience.  The combined award of $329,595 includes more than $247,000 in federal funds, with additional support from state and non-profit partners.