This website was archived in 2016, when the Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance formally ended. It is no longer being updated.


The GSAA Action Plan was released in December 2010 and describes the four Priority Issue Areas that were identified by the Governors to be of mutual importance to the sustainability of the region’s resources:

greenThe goals, objectives, actions and implementation steps for each of these priorities were further described in the GSAA Implementation Plan released in July 2011.

Development of the Action Plan began with A Call To Action Framework and Action Plan Approach, which laid the foundation for identifying regional priorities with extensive stakeholder input. Public Hearings were held in each state to invite comments from across the region.


waterThe final Action Plan was released on December 1, 2010 and marked the beginning of intensive work by the Alliance Issue Area Technical Teams (IATTs) to develop implementation steps for the actions and objectives. The GSAA Implementation Plan was published July 6, 2011 and the Alliance has been working to implement the Plan through the IATTs and two NOAA-funded Projects.