This website was archived in 2016, when the Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance formally ended. It is no longer being updated.

Living Shorelines Needs Assessment Released

The Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance has released a Living Shorelines Strategic Needs Assessment prepared by the GSAA’s Living Shorelines Work Group.  The document was developed from the outcomes of the Living Shorelines Workshop held in October 2016 and with subsequent input from a broad range of living shorelines experts and practitioners in the South Atlantic Region.  The document is a consensus statement from key members of the living shorelines community in the Southeast on the prioritized research, policies, and outreach needed to expand and enhance the appropriate use of living shorelines.  It also complements the Southeast Living Shorelines Research and Data Gaps report prepared by the Georgia Coastal Research Council earlier this year (available here).

Access the Living Shorelines Strategic Needs Assessment

The Assessment identifies two broad categories of strategies needed to promote living shoreline use:  (1) targeted education and outreach directed to those constituencies best situated to affect shoreline management decisions; and (2) policies that could influence multiple elements of shoreline management decision-making.  Contents examine the knowledge gaps and information needs for key living shorelines constituencies, additional research needs, and policies impacting shoreline management.  Appendices highlight existing living shorelines resources in the states and nationally, as well as specific research project needs.