This website was archived in 2016, when the Governors’ South Atlantic Alliance formally ended. It is no longer being updated.

GSAA-World Ocean Council 3rd Industry Forum

The World Ocean Council (WOC) and the GSAA have partnered to convene a diverse range of ocean industries to improve ocean science, more effectively engage industry in ocean policy and planning, and develop science-based solutions to cross-cutting marine challenges. Following on a GSAA Coast and Ocean Portal Webinar in August 2014 and an Industry Forum in September 2014, the GSAA and WOC hosted an invitation-only session with industry to discuss the Alliance’s Strategic Issue Statements for Improved Data and Planning for Offshore Energy Siting and Business Post-Disaster Recovery Planning, contribute business ideas and feedback for these critical issue areas for the South Atlantic, and direct the next steps for the Alliance-industry engagement. You can find the forum agenda, meeting summary, list of participants, and presentation slides here.